WP Plugin Framework™

It's not a boilerplate or template.

It's a Framework to build WordPress Plugins.

Code plugins, eleventy-billion times faster . . . and easier.

Activate essential plugin functions in minutes
Dive right into coding your plugin features
Cut Down Hours of plugin development time
Pre-written code handles the grunt work
Abundant documentation and Code Samples
No Extensive coding skills required
Stop forklifting code into a template or boilerplate.
Activate common plugin functions . . . and
Start writing your code in minutes.
  1. Activate functions in framework-activation.php
  2. Personalize framework-settings.php
  3. Start coding your plugin
  4. Use Framework Managers to enqueue assets, CPT's, shortcodes, and more
  5. Easily add config files to support your code
  "activate_function": {
    "core": {
      "add_activation_hook":          false,
      "add_deactivation_hook":        false,
      "add_uninstall_hook":           false,
      "add_version_manager":          false,
      "add_asset_manager":            false,
      "add_cpt_manager":              false,
      "add_shortcode_manager":        false,
      "add_log_file":                 false,
      "add_enhanced_admin_notice":    false,
      "add_wp_cron_interval":         false,
      "add_wp_cron_schedule":         false
    "extension": {
      "add_db-_tables":               false,
      "add_edd_license":              false,
      "add_edd_plugin_update":        false,
      "add_metabox_io_custom_fields": false,
      "add_metabox_io_admin_page":    false,
      "add_codestar_custom_fields":   false,
      "add_codestar_admin+_page":     false,
      "add_wp_shop_templates":        false

Frequently Given Answers

To a few common questions . . .

  • Can I easily remove unused framework functions in my final plugin?

    Yes, simply refer to the "Remove This Function" section under the specific function's documentation page.

  • Can I submit my plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory?


  • How do I setup the framework?

    To begin, enable the framework functions you require by setting their values to `true` or `false`. Customize the plugin and function options, adjust commonly used strings, and start coding. Each framework function includes comprehensive documentation with numerous code examples and instructions on how to utilize Framework Managers in your code and seamlessly integrate your code into the framework.

  • Do I need extensive coding experience to use the framework?

    Not at all. The framework was designed to streamline the learning curve associated with integrating common plugin functionality, allowing you to promptly implement the code that distinguishes your plugin. The built-in Framework Managers cater to both novice coders and seasoned developers, enabling them to incorporate their own functionality without the necessity of designing a plugin foundation from scratch.

  • Do I need to edit core framework files?

    No, the framework is equipped with custom actions and filters that facilitate modifications without the need to edit core files. Should you identify a specific area requiring a custom action, please don't hesitate to inform us.

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